2015 Goals: Stay Creatively Focused

Happy New Year! (So I might be like 9 days late here – but nothing says new year like being busy!) In starting 2015 off right, I’ve decided to pursue some creative goals to help creatively shape my daily work ethic and content strategy personally and professionally. Below I’ve listed my goals in two general categories, one being general overall goals and the other being regular consistent goals – more details are outlined in each group. What sparked these goals, was the drive to become more productive, more conceptually cohesive and more accountable. Overall 2015 Goals: These goals are mostly designed to branch out of the norm for which I’m currently working in, to find new inspiration and creative guidance in new places, and to expand networking possibilities for future collaboration projects.

  • To develop at least 3 concrete pattern designs and produce into fabrics
  • To visit a museum in a city I’ve yet to travel to
  • Join more Art Groups/Art League Memberships.

Consistent 2015 Goals: These goals are designed to strategize the ways in which I share art via social networks, to build consistency in work growth and professionalism, and find more inspiration through literary sources.

  • Daily Photo Project (see below – and feel free to follow via Instagram)
  • To attempt a freelance project and/or show for CV/Resume each month
  • Read monthly (whether this be a memoir, magazine subscription, or book)

Photos credit: Jessica Holly 10868095_10152504527305047_1901078505248737502_n


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