Sketchbook Project 2015

As some may be aware from my previous post and personal portfolio site – I’ve participating in the Sketchbook Project this year. I participated in this project in 2009 – as a college art student with little understanding of exactly who I was as an Artist and building a conceptual book to represent such. This year I figured presented a great opportunity and challenge for me to once again attempt this project – having a better understanding of myself and wanting to have the possibility to redeem myself as someone who is now a college graduate, with some “real life” experience and understanding of conceptual art focus.

For those unfamiliar with the project – I wrote a post about it via Beatlands titled “Complete a Sketchbook, Start a Library” – which explains some about the project and it’s mission.

For more information about the project, visit:

This sketchbook has given me a great outlet, especially at a defined time, with endless ideas while also having a deadline. Once I complete the sketchbook and mail it back – it’ll then be accessible to view at a permanent library in Brooklyn, NY. I’m also getting this one digitized (unlike 2009) so a link will be available to view this via my portfolio site I hope!

You can follow me on Instagram – to watch this project grow over the next few weeks/months. It’ll be mailed in by late March. I also share some of these photos and some progress via Twitter, for those interested.

Below are some photos of progress so far – with a look at where my work is looking like in light of a new year, fresh start and beginning. I’m excited about changing up some things and also revisiting some past ideas with added features. Note: Gold is becoming my latest obsession.

More to come – as always!

“My sketchbook is the opposite of my job. It’s like a pocket-sized vacation. … No one knows I keep these books; it’s a dirty secret. When I draw, I wander off alone. When people are around, I always put the book away” – Bill Brown

Photos credit: Jessica Holly

10931244_10152509953095047_2327916980058420650_n  10906281_10152502388515047_7532083113365301606_n  10404906_10152486793125047_526639839255182474_n


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