Photo Credit: Jessica Holly

Lately, I’ve had the urge to travel. To just pack a suitcase and book a flight…or maybe a train or a bus. Maybe just pack my tiny car up and drive west for a few days.  I could blame this on the fact that it’s a new year, that I traveled fairly recently to Atlanta for a conference, or that I’ve lived in the same town for 25 years. Regardless, the fact remains: I’m seriously wanderlustin and in need to go somewhere and see something new. Be somewhere different, explore someplace foreign and engage in a city that knows not even my name.

I think I make the resolution each year to travel – to explore new heights, new adventures, new places to be seen. To not limit myself on fear, on “What ifs” or “Whys” – but to simply be and go be. For the most part, I have – but for the greater part I’ve not gone as far as I’ve hoped or could possibly go.

By Definition, travel is stated as:

  1. make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.
  2. go or be moved from place to place.
  3. resist motion sickness, damage, or some other impairment on a journey.
  4. be enjoyed or successful away from the place of origin.
  5. (of an object or radiation) move, typically in a constant or predictable way.

Wanderlust by defintion, is stated as:

  1. a strong desire to travel.

    “a (wo)man consumed by wanderlust”

Side note: I couldn’t ignore the issue that the definition of Wanderlust says man (so I added my own edits).

I’m always consumed by wanderlust – which is described as a noun, like a disease of sorts. I always favorite those “Top 50 places you should visit” lists on Twitter, and think “oh yea one day, some day maybe!” while in the back of my mind I think WHEN? And the reality of the fact is – the cure isn’t traveling. To travel, is to enable it further.

But maybe that’s the beautiful thing about traveling, about this world, about being infected with this beautiful and somewhat terrible disease of wanderlustin – that no matter the places we see, the cities we visit, the miles we travel – we’ll always want to see more.

So here’s to wanderlustin in 2015, to seeing more of more – wherever that may be.

As Jack Kerouac:

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”


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