Creative Collaboration: Coming Soon

Photo Credit: Jessica Holly

Call it fate – but about a year or so ago, I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Courtney Howard, the creative beauty behind Run2theWild. Ironically, we’d both grown up and lived in the same small bubble of a town and never crossed paths – at least long enough to engage in a conversation to realize we were made to be creative companions.

Regardless, destiny brought us together and I’m thrilled to have found a friend who shares my love and passion for creative adventures, brainstorming, all things beautiful and lovely. She’s truly inspirational to be around and recently we’re teamed up to collaborate on a project which will be released in the upcoming months.

We’re not giving out too many details just yet – but here are some sketches and drawings of this said collaborative idea. Feathers, Keys, Eyes – Literary inspiration; my studio is a constant stream of creative overlap and connections at the moment. Be sure to follow me via Instagram for some hints and peeks at this creative collaboration and for more details on the upcoming release. I’ll be sure to share the final reveal here (with some overview of the process!)

You can find more out about Run2theWild via:
Facebook Page:

Creative Collaboration – is a beautiful thing.


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