Jessica – by name definition means “Woman of Wealth”, but in reality I’m just an artist, designer, optimist, environmentalist, daughter, sister and free spirit.

I live in small town Berea KY, with a  passion about creative education, community development, and critical design associated with the relationships between visual culture, creativity and commerce. 

I love many things – such as sunrise hiking, yoga at midnight, Wes Anderson films and polka-dot dresses. A good day is one full of art museums and bookstores, with an iced chai latte and sketchbook.

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As the 2013 New Year began, I realized the importance of it being a new start…a fresh beginning. However, where does one begin anew, when you’re not even sure where you’re supposed to be?  Who you are?  What to do next? More importantly, which direction do you go?

Everything I once knew, no longer was, and now I found myself in this hullabaloo of questions and uncertainty. As someone who knows what its like for life to come to a standstill, I want to be able to record and share the opportunities that life brings me to and through. Doubt is something I’m all to familiar with, but in doubt, I find that there is a reason for everything. Without struggle, there is no progress.

I created this blog for a simple purpose: to creatively inspire.  

Everyday I think creatively, everyday I’m an artist. #ArtLife is my constant trend.

Art & Design seems to be the common denominator in how I view and connect with everything and anyone. Art is how I articulate, it’s a language that crosses borders and cultures – that somehow has become less appreciated in today’s world.

This blog is where I’ll leave my creative thoughts, my doubts, artistic discoveries and travel adventures –  with hopes that some where along the way inspiration is found. It’ll be the place where nostalgic emotions meets creative expression, where I record the moments in which I find innovation and motivation, and the place where my thoughts or opinions may overflow into some form of beautiful chaos.

More importantly though – it’ll be where we can walk humbly in this world of uncertainty. 

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”
-Vincent van Gogh


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