VIDA Signature Collection

Recently, I was contacted to join VIDA –  a new kind of fashion ecommerce company that connects artists all over the world with producers to bring work to life. I’m so thrilled to become a VIDA Voices Designer – as it combines my love for textile design to global reach and social impact. For every […]

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Sketchbook Project 2015

As some may be aware from my previous post and personal portfolio site – I’ve participating in the Sketchbook Project this year. I participated in this project in 2009 – as a college art student with little understanding of exactly who I was as an Artist and building a conceptual book to represent such. This […]

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‘Mothers and Daughters’ Poetry Collection – Cover

I recently finished some freelance work – completing an illustration for the cover of Catherine Valentine’s latest self published poetry collection titled Mothers and Daughters. This work is pushed towards my latest exploration in drawing, very stylized portraiture with this naive sense of youth and nostaglia. I’ve been straying away from the full page monochrome illustrations […]

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