Lately, I’ve had the urge to travel. To just pack a suitcase and book a flight…or maybe a train or a bus. Maybe just pack my tiny car up and drive west for a few days.  I could blame this on the fact that it’s a new year, that I traveled fairly recently to Atlanta […]

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Asheville Art Scene

This past weekend I went to Asheville with my sister to celebrate my 25th birthday – Asheville being a city I always heard about, always appreciated as I drove through, but never spent more than a few hours in. I currently co-edit a website titled Beatlands, where I basically rant and discuss Art related topics…one […]

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Day 9: Amazing Grace

After working all week, today was made into a more laid back day. We visited the CRC, which works in alliance with CoCoDa to build better communities. In doing this, they work to provide running water projects, electricity to the households, as well as better communication and culturally exchange. We also revisited Suchitoto, which is […]

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Day 8: Perspective

Today is our last day of work here in our home away from home village. Lucky for me, I get to spend it in the fields 😀 The field work is only in the morning, so we kind of get the best of both worlds. A nice change in scenery and work, then after lunch […]

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